A painting might be ‘a flat surface with paint on it – nothing more’ in Stella’s famous phrase, but I still love the sides of his canvases, especially the staples. Cracks are nice, too, but the main thing that fascinates me about Hubert Robert’s ‘L’Accident’ in the Musée Congnaq-Jay in Paris is the mysterious Falling Man, in my version falling out of the sky rather than from a building.  I hadn’t seen the album cover for Belbury Circle’s ‘The Willows’ when I made ‘Molecule’ but now it seems to me this whole show was a bit Hauntological. Is it too late? Has that moment passed? I don’t think so – Merlin Coverley’s new book on the subject only came out in late 2020, my internet signal in central Dublin comes and goes more than the radio signal ever did and I have a cupboard full of dead phones and writing paper. The Ghost of Futures Past, or perhaps it’s just that Romanticism never quite went away.